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Regular Donuts

Chocolate Raised

Glazed Raised 

Sugar Raised

Maple Raised

Coconut Raised

Crumb Raised

Chocolate Old Fashion

Glazed Old Fashion

Plain Old Fashion

Maple Old Fashion

Plain Cake

Sugar Cake

Glazed Cake

Crumb Cake

Blueberry Cake (Mon, Thur, Fri &Sun)

Chocolate Frosting Cake

Chocolate Sprinkle Cake

Chocolate Peanuts Cake

Vanilla Frosting Cake

Vanilla Frosting Sprinkle Cake

Maple Frosting Cake

Maple Peanuts Cake

Red Velvet Donuts(wed & sat)

Red velvet Plain Cake

Red Velvet Glazed Cake

Red Velvet Chocolate Frosting Cake

Red Velvet Chocolate Sprinkle Cake

Red velvet Chocolate Peanuts cake

Red velvet Vanilla Cake

Red VelvetVanilla Sprinkle Cake

French Donuts (Tue, Fri, Sat & Sun)

Glazed French

Chocolate French 

Vanilla French

Sprinkle French

Small Cinnamon Rolls

Fancy Donuts

Cinnamon Rolls

Apple Fritters

Glazed Buttermilk Bar

Chocolate Buttermilk Bar

Plain Buttermilk Bar

Raspberry Jelly Filled

Lemon Jelly Filled

Powder Sugar Fruit

Apple/ Lemon/ Raspberry 


Chocolate Custard Bar

Maple Custard Bars

Non-filled Chocolate Bars

Non-filled Maple Bars

Glazed Twist

Chocolate Twist

Maple Bacon Raised

Bagels from Missing Hole




*Bagels only available at Seaside Shop*


For special Occasion and Orders

We do accept orders for customizations! (order in advance only)


This includes changes to:

Frosting Color

Special Sprinkles (pearls, edible gold, cereal, etc.)

Piping Line Design 

For further information, Call (831)394-3444 or Email at

For inspiration, find us on Flickr to see past customizations  @ reds donuts

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